ADR / Mediation

INTEGRA employs managers who have been specially trained and certified in alternate dispute resolution and mediation. This aids us in dealing with disputes within our client associations and allows us to provide our service as an independent mediator to other associations. Our managers and supervisors are well versed in the art of dispute resolution and in mediating difficult situations either between neighbors, or between owners and board policy. A particular specialty is our experience, confidence, and track record in mediating developer transition issues.

Association Management

Given our extensive experience and the talents of key managerial and financial staff members, we can provide nearly any form of management consulting that a community association or professional serving the industry may need.

Pro Board Member

Ed San George, INTEGRA President, has been called upon by developers to serve on a community association board of trustees professionally. In these board positions, he has demonstrated leadership, experience, and an eagerness to educate his fellow board members in the advancement of communities under development.

Developer POS Services

Developer POS Services

  • Preparing the operating budget
  • Procuring replacement reserve schedule from a professional engineer
  • Procuring the budget letter of adequacy from a certified public accountant
  • Securing the insurance letter of adequacy from a qualified and experienced broker
  • Preparing the management agreement
  • Preparing the maintenance chart of responsibilities
  • Reviewing the governing documents
  • Participating in development team meetings
  • Create a custom strategic plan for opening new buildings and communities, well in advance of the actual start-up

Services From Community Start-Up Through Transition

  • Organizing meetings of the association
  • Establishing organizational resolutions
  • Conducting presentations and attending association meetings
  • Attending and participating in management/developer meetings
  • Service as a developer representative to the board of trustees
  • Coordinating the annual meeting presentations and agenda
  • Running the transition election process
  • Leading the association/developer transition process
  • Advising the developer beyond the unit owner control threshold
  • Assuring compliance with open meeting requirements
  • Developing owner handbook
  • Defining and establishing committees

Financial Services for Developers

  • Establishing a collection fee policy
  • Establishing and segregating various funds: operating, reserves, deferred maintenance, working capital
  • Advising on fund accounting method investing of association funds
  • Guiding the financial report presentation
  • Identifying and calculating any developer financial obligations to association
  • Clarifying and expanding upon POS budget expectations


  • Identifying unit owners vs. association maintenance obligations from governing documents
  • Distinguishing maintenance responsibilities between the master association and any member associations
  • Obtaining Municipal Services or Reimbursement


  • Purchasing of property, liability, fidelity, broiler and machinery, flood, workers compensations, directors and officers
  • Distinguishing Between Owner and Association Insurance Responsibility
  • Distinguishing Insurance Responsibilities Between Master and Member Associations